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When we opened B&B Villa Alegria in January 2019, we assumed a number of essential priciples for us to ensure a successful holiday for our guests:

- Hospitality and friendliness.

- Nice, clean, modern and luxurious rooms.

- Care for a good and healthy breakfast.

For your holiday at B&B Villa Alegria you can choose from 5 rooms:

  • A large luxury suite "The Lady", with television, extensive minibar, air conditioning and private bathroom with bathtub, a large balcony with views of the sea and the mountains.

  • A large room called "The Faye" with balcony at the rear and with 1 shared bathroom on the ground floor (shared with only 1 other room The Jack).

  • A large suite called "The Joy" without a balcony (window) with private bathroom.

  • A large suite "The King" with small balcony at the rear, air conditioning, television and a private bathroom.

  • A large room called "The Jack" on the ground floor with 1 shared bathroom (with room The Faye) on the ground floor.

Our Suite The Lady, Suite The King and Suite The Joy have their own bathroom. The other 2 very spacious rooms have access to 1 large bathrooms (and toilet) on the ground floor.

The rooms are provided with fresh towels every day and the mini bar is replenished every day (included in the price). The bed linen is changed every 3 days.

The rooms are modern and furnished to European standards. This means luxury, space and good quality furniture and accessories. We have therefore deliberately opted for luxury and not for a Cape Verde decor of the rooms. After all, on the island you will come into contact with the beautiful culture of the Cape Verdeans, but when you return to the Villa, the holiday feeling of "space and luxury" should not be missing.

The suites The Lady and The King have airconditioning. The other rooms have a portable airconditioning for rent (€ 4,50 per day).

Airconditioning is paid extra for the following reasons:

  • Cape Verde has the most expensive electricity costs of the world and it is made 75% out of diesel (generators). Therefore it is also very environmentally polluting.

  • Normally aiconditioning is only needed in the months July until October. Villa Alegria does not want to raise the prices of the rooms for whole year, only for guests who are using the airconditioning in the summer months.

On the ground floor is the spacious dining room, and outside there is a spacious relaxing terrace with lovely lounge sofas and umbrellas, where you can enjoy the sunset while enjoying a drink.

Breakfast & Lounge Terrace

Every morning a very extensive breakfast buffet is ready (included in the room price!), Where you can also take a lunch for a nice "walking - or beach day".

Breakfast is served in the lounge. But of course it is completely free to have your breakfast on the lounge terrace.

During your stay, the manager and various employees of the Villa are present from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. (by phone always available).

They first provide the breakfast buffet (8 a.m. to 10 a.m.) and, if you wish, help with making lunch. When you leave the villa for a nice day, they take care of the cleaning of your room.

After breakfast our employees will tidy up the kitchen. After that you are completely free to use the kitchen, to cook for yourself. The layout has been fully adapted to this.

The breakfast buffet consists of:

  • sandwiches / toast / crackers / croissants

  • cold cuts / cheese / egg dishes / sweet spreads / sausages / fish (sardines) / cachupa

  • coffee / tea / milk / fruit juices and fresh fruit smoothies

  • muesli / cruesli / yogurt / home made cakes

  • fruit (bananas / apples / oranges / mangos, and seasonal fruits)

If there are special dietary requirements (or allergies), you can indicate this on the reservation form.

Social aspects

For breakfast we serve, as far as possible, local products. For this we involve the local Cape Verdean middle class and farmers (fruit) and fishermen. For adjustments and repairs we involve craftsmen in our projects and the housekeeping is done by local employees.

We also ensure fair salaries for our employees, and offer them a helping hand with their personal growth and development and daily problems. In B&B Villa Alegria there is a showcase in the hall with all kinds of souvenirs and handicrafts (wood). These are made by local craftsmen and artists. All proceeds from the sale of these souvenirs go to the makers!

Security & Safety

Although Tarrafal is an absolutely safe city, we have been forced by past experience to place a security fence at the rear of B&B Villa Alegria that runs over the courtyard (back of room The King and The Faye). To protect your and our property, we hope for your understanding.

Tarrafal is a very safe and pleasant city, where tourists are really welcome, in addition to placing a safe in the rooms, we have also opted for surveillance of your and our properties through camera security and a night guard.

We communicate this in advance in connection with the mandatory notification that we must make about this.

Our night guard arrives from 7 p.m. He stays on the terrace, until 7 am the following morning, to guard both your and our property.

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gratis ontbijtbuffet

Our strenght:

free breakfastbuffet

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super medewerkers

Our strenght:

super staff

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schoon & fris

Our strenght:

clean & tidy

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respect voor cultuur

Our strenght:

respect for culture

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van alle gemakken voorzien

Our strenght:

fully equiped

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gezellig lounge terras

Our strenght:

cozy lounge terrace

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een fijne ontbijtzaal

Our strenght:

nice breakfast room

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mooie badkamers

Our strenght:

beatiful bathrooms

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geniet van het leven...

Our strenght:

enjoy life...

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de lunch kan mee...

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lunch to take...

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