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Reservation form

You can complete the reservation form below. You will receive, upon availability of the requested rooms and possibly additional services, a confirmation and specified invoice.

The prices are including taxes (tourist/environmental) € 2,50 p.p. per night) and reservationcosts. So no extra or hidden costs after booking!

If you have any questions, we are of course always available by mail, in writing or by telephone (see contact page).

We hope that B&B Villa Alegria will contribute to an unforgettable holiday in Cape Verde.

We wish you a nice stay at B&B Villa Alegria.

Booking Policy

After you have sent us the reservation form, you will receive information from B&B Villa Alegria about availability, confirmation and a specified invoice.
Your reserved stay (subject to availability confirmed) is final upon receipt of your payment.
For bookings within 30 days before arrival, the invoice must be paid immediately by bank.
For bookings longer than 30 days before arrival at B&B Villa Alegria, 50% of the reservation amount must be paid by bank after receipt of the invoice and the remaining 50% upon the day of arrival at B&B Villa Alegria (cash).
For the direct reservation of a stay at B&B Villa Alegria, by this site, no additional reservation costs will be charged. Travel organizations (Booking.com/Tripadvisor charge reservation costs); B&B Villa Alegria is not responsible for this.
Cape Verde applies a tourist tax to stay at a hotel / pension / B&B. This is € 2 per person per night. This amount will also be stated on the invoice.
Before you leave for our B&B Villa Alegria, you will receive an extensive document by email with information and "tips & tricks" about your stay, the island, sights, restaurants, etc.

A € 50 deposit will be charged on the invoice per booking. After checking your room during check out, if there are no details (destruction, loss of keys, etc) the amount will be refunded to you in cash.

In the unlikely event you are unable to comply with the rental agreement (cancel your stay) you must report this as soon as possible. (in writing by mail.) After confirmation by B&B Villa Alegria, the cancellation is final.

  • If canceled within 30 days before arrival no refund of the booking amount.
  • If canceled within 45 days before arrival 50% refund of the booking amount.
  • If canceled within 60 days before arrival date 100% refund of the booking amount minus € 25 costs.

Arrival and departure:

  1. The room booked is available from 12:00 'o clock on the day of arrival.
  2. On the day of departure your room must be left at 11.00 'o clock.
  3. When leaving your room, please discuss the check out with our staff. After the final check of your room, the employee will ensure that the deposit is approved and will refund the deposit.

B&B Villa Alegria is not liable for:

  1. Later arrival due to a delay during your trip (flight etc.); no refund of daily costs.
  2. Power failure and force majeure due to weather conditions during your stay.
  3. The loss of keys: the guest receives 4 keys on arrival (gate/house/room/safe). If keys are lost, € 25 per key will be charged (to be paid on the spot or withholding of the deposit). As a guest, you are responsible for storing the keys and properly locking the safe, room and house.

House Rules - General Conditions:

  1. On the day of arrival you can use your room from 12.00.
  2. On the day of departure your room must be free at 11.00.
  3. In consultation, deviations from these times can be made.
  4. The breakfast buffet is served from 08.00 am until 10.00 am
  5. Guests may use the kitchen, but they must leave it clean after use.
  6. Noise pollution, especially between 23.00 and 07.00 should be prevented.
  7. Use by non-registered guests (or third parties) is not permitted.
  8. Visitors to guests may not stay overnight or have breakfast without permission or without an additional payment.
  9. Value to the environment (waste not on the street etc)
  10. Immediately report the presence of suspected persons to employees (security)
  11. Smoking is not permitted in the rooms and in Jack's Lounge; smoking is permitted outside on the terrace.
  12. Treat your room neatly, so that later guests also have a nice stay.
  13. At the conclusion of the lease, the guest agrees to the security measures taken.

Terms & Conditions:
The GTC apply to all users of B & B Villa Alegria, in Tarrafal in Cape Verde. With the entering into a lease agreement the GTC takes effect.

  1. Tenants must have a permanent place of residence or stay
  2. Villa Alegria is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of the users. In case of disputes, all (legal) costs are for the account of the users.
  3. All risks related to the stay in Villa Alegria are at the expense of the users.
  4. Villa Alegria's damage and loss of movable and immovable property must be reported immediately by the users and reimbursed to the owner.
  5. Guests must follow the instructions of owner and / or staff of Villa Alegria.
  6. Villa Alegria (owner) can deny access to Villa Alegria and / or refuse access to Villa Alegria with immediate effect, in the event of violation of the GTC and inappropriate behavior, without further notice and reasons and without refund of accommodation costs.
  7. No refund will be made in case of early departure.
  8. Guests of Villa Alegria must comply with the rules of procedure.

Tarrafal, January 1, 2019, Cape Verde