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... to B&B Villa Alegria on the beautiful island of Santiago.

For those who want to get to know the real Cape Verde, a vacation in Santiago is very worthwhile. Gigantic mountains, with miles of hiking trails, beautiful valleys with fruit trees and sugar cane, idyllic authentic villages, beautiful beaches and the true Cape Verdean culture.

Santiago: an island for hiking, surfing, walking, off-road driving, visiting colorful markets or just relaxing on the beach.

Santiago: the most diverse island of Cape Verde. And the base for this discovery tour starts at B&B Villa Alegria in Tarrafal!

With Cape Verde you probably think of sun, sea, beach. This is certainly one of the qualities Santiago offers.

But this largest Cape Verde island also has beautiful green valleys, a mountainous interior and vast fields with banana plantations. 

Santiago is an island with a huge selection for beach, culture, hiking and nature lovers. On this island you will find the peace and cosiness of the local population. Mass tourism has not yet discovered this Cape Verde island.

The capital of Cape Verde, Praia, is also on Santiago. Praia is a very lively city, which is worth visiting for some; others prefer the tranquility of, for example, Tarrafal, which lies in the north of Santiago. Here are the most beautiful beaches of the island.

Tarrafal Beach

In Tarrafal we started in April 2018 with the plans for starting B&B Villa Alegria. After having been on family visits and holidays in previous years, and falling in love with the island, the people and the culture, this dream could be realized in January 2019.

The basic idea of ​​B&B Villa Alegria is to mix quality and a bit of luxury with the "Africa" ​​feeling you get on the island. Finally, our guest does not want to get rid of the feeling of a "well-deserved" vacation, by fully sacrificing luxury, so the decision to set up a more "luxury B&B" was made quickly.

Due to the large differences between "rich" Europe and the less fortunate Cape Verde, we therefore assume that business operations contribute to sustainability.

We serve local products, involve the local tradespeople and craftsmen in our projects and housekeeping. But also ensure fair salaries for our employees, and offer them a helping (financial) hand with their personal growth and daily problems.

During our treks we have been to all corners of the island, and have really discovered "gems" of nature and culture. In our villa you will also find photo walls (with our own photos) of all the places where we could enjoy Cape Verde.

We hope to meet you yourself and perhaps with our "Santiago Excursion" to get to places where even the islanders have never been.

B&B Villa Alegria is located in the Ponta d'Atum district. A neighborhood that is fully under development, but it is the most peaceful and spatial area of ​​the city.

The atmosphere in the neighborhood reflects the typical Cape Verdean "slow-on" setting; allowing you to get to know this culture, but with the luxury of a well-deserved holiday feeling.

B&B Villa Alegria is about 3 minutes walk from the beautiful rocks overlooking the Atlantic Ocean; 5 minutes from the beach and 8 minutes walk from the center of Tarrafal where the nice restaurants and shops are located.

From January 2021 we have also available B&B Casa Alegria, 200 meters from Villa Alegria. Guests of Villa Alegria are welcome to the happy (cocktail) hour on the roof terrace of Casa Alegria. Guests of Villa Alegria can always contact the reception of Casa Alegria

We hope that after reading all this you have become enthusiastic about our B&B Villa Alegria, and would like to see you to have an unforgettable holiday. 

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